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About Us

Members of the 'Irish Biochar Cooperative' have a unique
opportunity to reduce input costs and improve
biodiversity while earning carbon removal payments.


Currently, emissions from agriculture in Ireland represent 37.5% of the nation’s
carbon footprint.

Biochar can both remove and reduce such emissions through nature-based,
self-sufficient, simple ways. It can be produced using a variety of biomass
feedstocks, typically of little value elsewhere. Farmers, foresters and other land
users are well placed to lead the response to the climate challenge and strengthen
their enterprises in the process.

The Irish Biochar Cooperative is on a mission to strengthen community
enterprise by supporting thousands of local biochar producers and users in every
bio-region, developing new practices for rural livelihoods that are commercially
rewarding, scalable and at one with nature.

Inoculated biochar
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