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Irish Biochar Cooperative Portfolio

Who We Work With

We believe that a greener solution that is scalable today is better than doing things the old way today.

People throughout the country have come up with their own ways to make biochar and this ingenuity and innovation is an inspiration for the coop to invest time, effort and resources into promoting scalable tech-ready innovation today.

Client 5

Rhododendrum Project

Great Collaboration

Over the Summer of 2023, we are mobilising land-users and custodians around Ireland to make their own biochar, to document their experience with a view to launching a programme that rewards a myriad of positive applications of biochar.

A pioneering carbon removal programme is to be launched in 2023 with an international carbon standard and we need your help !

Client 6


A Mutual Vision

Agri-ENRICH Programme (coming soon)

Client 4


Trusted Partnership

Volve was one of the first companies we invested in. Their team members were extremely talented and passionate about their business ideas and we continue to provide ongoing support in all their ventures.

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